About Us & Our Beliefs

“We hereby covenant and engage ... to give up ourselves unto the Lord ... to unite together into one body for the public worship of God, looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of ... our Savior Jesus ...”


Our Vision

God & Me

Everything begins with our relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that we are all guilty, yet Jesus came to bring life and freedom.


We encourage all believers to mature in their faith through spiritual disciplines, including Bible reading, prayer, journaling, and meditation. 

God, Family

& Me

Jesus made it clear that the Word of God is our spiritual food. Therefore, just as we eat with our families, we encourage all families to spend time dining on the Word of God together.

God, Church

& Me 

We believe that all Christians should be connected to a local church. In addition, we believe that each Christian has been imparted with a spiritual gift to be used for the edification of the Church and to God's glory.

God, World & Me

Empowered by our own relationship with the Lord, the time spent in discipleship with family, those close to us, and also the church has prepared us to now go out and live for Christ in the world around us. God, World and Me is focused upon Jesus' call to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). 

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Our Staff

Dr. Kenny J. Craig

Senior Pastor

Welcome Pastor Kenny & Paula to our church family at GBC!

Mark Bonta

Youth Minister

Mark has been serving as Greensburg Baptist Church's Youth Minister since April 2013. As Mark reflects on his time of serving on staff here, he stated "what a blessing it has been!" Mark and his wife, Lindsey, are very intentional to pour into the lives of the youth that God has entrusted to them. By building one on one relationships, they get to know the needs of the youth and they are then able to more effectively point them to Christ and to the cross. Mark and Lindsey have three sons: Ty, Hayden, and Caleb.




Adam Reynolds

Children's Minister

Adam has been serving as the Children’s Minister since February 2022. He and his wife felt the Lord leading them to Greensburg Baptist Church in the Spring of 2020. Adam has previously served as a deacon of small groups, assisting small group leaders in discipling believers, growing in their walk with Jesus. When asked what his greatest desire for the children of GBC is, he said it was that the Word of God might be hidden in their hearts. Adam and his wife Traci have three children: Silas, Esther, and Eliza Joy.



Donna Patterson

Administrative Assistant/Treasurer

Donna has been a member of Greensburg Baptist Church since March 1986. During these years, she has served as a choir member, Sunday School teacher, Children’s, Hospitality, and Finance Committee member. She recently retired from the Green County Board of Education where she worked as a teacher, curriculum specialist, and supervisor of instruction. As Donna reflects on her years of membership and service to GBC, she stated “The people here are my family and together we serve the Lord! I am blessed to be a part and serve alongside such great Christian people!” Donna and her husband Tony have two children and their spouses: Alex and Leah Patterson, Ashley and Chris Lowe, and one grandson Knox Lowe.





Sunday Services

Join us in fellowship and worship during one of our many Sunday services, or tune in to 105.7 FM at 11:00 AM for our radio broadcast.

Sunday School - 9:00 AM (doors open at 8:30 AM)
Sunday Worship - 10:00 AM
Sunday Evening Community Groups - 5:00 PM 
*All Times Central Standard Time

Wednesday Worship

Join us for extended Bible study and worship, with services tailored specifically for our children, youth and adult groups. A dinner for our children is provided at 5:30 PM.

Wednesday Worship - 5:30-6:30 PM 

*All Times Central Standard Time

New to Greensburg Baptist Church?



What To Wear

You will find people in blue jeans and t-shirts, and others will be wearing dress clothes. Dress comfortable. 


Where To Park & Come In

We encourage our visitors to park on Main Street and enter through the front doors facing the street. If there are no spots available, feel free to park in the back parking lot and enter through the basement door (1st Floor) and come up the steps to the 3rd Floor (Note: You will be entering the sanctuary with the crowd facing you) or you can park in the back parking lot and walk around to the front doors. Greeters will be located at the doors to help and assist you. After 9:55 a.m. on Sunday mornings, access to the building is through the main/front entrance only. This is for security purposes. We take your safety and security seriously.



Our nursery is available during both Sunday School and Worship. It is located directly behind the sanctuary on the 3rd Floor. 


Preaching & Music

Our preaching typically follows a verse-by-verse study of the Word of God. Our choir and praise team lead worship with a mixture of hymns and praise music. 



A women's restroom and a family restroom are located on the 3rd (Top) Floor behind the sanctuary and next to our nursery area. We also have men's and women's restrooms on the 2nd (Middle) Floor located by the church office. On the 1st (Bottom) Floor, the restroom is located by two of our children's classrooms.

Our History

Constitution of Greensburg Baptist 

In 1804, the Russell Creek Association was organized out of the Green River Association with 11 churches.  In 1811, a revival broke out all over the area and church membership in all the Baptist Churches grew from 353 to 1,119. Five new Baptist churches were started.


The church records existing from 1820 to 1844 were burned in the home of H. T. Smith, one of the clerks, and much of the early history of the church was lost.  The Greensburg Baptist Church was constituted on December 20, 1820. The church was organized by two leading Baptist preachers in Green County - Rev. Isaac Hodgen (the first pastor of GBC) of the Skinhouse Branch area and Rev. Johnson Graham of Brush Creek.  There were 11 charter members.


A Time of Growth

The church joined the Russell Creek Association on September 15, 1821. It grew from 11 charter members to 29 in its first year. The population of Greensburg in 1820 was only 400. For a long time, GBC did not have a church building. Most churches in the area had church once a month, and the preacher came on Saturday for a business session and a worship service. The preacher would stay overnight in the home of one of the members and hold services on Sunday morning.  If the weather was bad, it might be two or three months before they saw their preacher again.


In 1824, a building was built on Depot Street that the Baptists, Methodists, and Presbyterians used to worship in on alternate Sundays. It seemed that it was owned jointly by the denominations.  The arrangement did not work well and the building and lot was sold for $1,200 and turned into a cotton factory in 1827.  From 1827 - 1842, there was no church building to worship in.


In 1841, the church reported to the Russell Creek Association that a "spacious brick meeting house" was being built. This was the first lot and second building owned by the church. The 3rd church building was dedicated the 3rd Sunday in September 1884. Three years after its erection, the front of the church, which was a brick structure began to crack. This building only lasted 15 years, due to poor construction. This building was demolished.


A New Home

In 1899, the 4th church building was erected at a cost of $3,700. Electric lights were installed in the building in 1912. In 1930, the building was remodeled and redecorated at a cost of $6,500. The front vestibule was converted into a classroom and the doors were changed.  Additional classrooms were added in the basement.  On January 22, 1941, the church voted to purchase additional lots at the side and back of the then-existing building at a cost of $2,325. The present educational building sets on these back lots.


In 1945, a truck carrying shelled corn crashed through the front wall of the church scattering corn all over the top floor.  The building was badly damaged and for the first and hopefully the last time in its history, the church building bore a sign on the front door that said "Keep Out!"


In 1947, the back section or educational section of this building was erected. Additional land had been purchased and this new building was erected before the old building was torn down.


In 1956, the front section, upstairs, and sanctuary were erected at an estimated cost of $250,000. The first service in our existing sanctuary was on March 25, 1956. The present church building was dedicated on June 7, 1959. 


Impacting A Community

In an effort to reach more people, ten members organized the Greensburg Baptist Mission on Legion Park Road in the Penick Subdivision.  The mission was in existence until August 9, 1968, when it became the South Greensburg Baptist Church.


Initial planning for our Christian Life Center began in January 2006. The church held a vision casting service in June 2006 and had great input from the congregation. The church voted in July 2006 to proceed with the construction of the CLC and to have a pledge drive to help support the cost. Construction began in August 2006 with the demolition of the existing structures that were previously on the property. The total cost of the CLC project, including the purchase of the property was approximately $470,000. The first major event that was held in the CLC was a New Year's Eve celebration in December 2007. The building was dedicated in January 2008.


In October 2013, a proposal was presented to the church to begin a church remodeling project. The proposal was approved by the church and construction began on the basement level immediately. All three floors of the church were remodeled and the project was completed in 2015 at a cost of approximately $350,000.


While the church remodeling project was in process, the space above the kitchen of the CLC was completed and is used as classroom space. The cost of this project was approximately $43,000.