Why this Seminar?

Hey guys, my name is Blake Jessie, and I have been preaching since 2005 as both a student minister and one of the pastors here at Greensburg Baptist. Yet, I still find myself desiring to preach more clearly, faithfully, and worshipfully. Many weeks I spend a lot of time struggling to get the sermon together or I walk away frustrated that it didn't go as well as I had hoped. This free 8-week seminar is the result of my Doctoral Project for Southern Seminary and rooted in my passion to help myself and others improve our preaching. This is my invitation to the most seasoned preachers or those who are just beginning to answer the call of God to preach, please come and join us!

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Deadline is Thursday, Aug 1

Can we text you at the number above?
Can we text you at the number above?

Free meal from 5-5:30pm

Come enjoy a free meal each week before we start and fellowship with other brothers in Christ (just RSVP by the Thursday before).

Free book drawing each week

Each week we will draw a name (must be present) to win one of the books that were utilized in the preparation of the seminar.


There will be 3 (20 minute) sessions each night that will focus on a different component of preaching and sermon preparation. This will be hands on as we look at Biblical text and strive to improve on each step of the preaching process.

Breakout Sessions

Following each session we will also have a 10 minute breakout. During this time we will break into smaller groups and allow for further discussion on the previous session and some of the examples we have just worked through. This is an opportunity to learn and sharpen one another. I hope and pray that this provides an opportunity to connect and continue these discussions outside of the weekly seminars!